Speech Therapy

Child Speech Therapy a�� An Overview

It is not an uncommon incidence for children mostly young ones, to require the assistance of a speech therapist. Child speech therapy can be highly beneficial for the young ones. This helps them to articulate well and enhances both their social and cognitive development. Read on to know more about child speech therapy.

Child speech therapyEvaluations for Child Speech Therapy

When parents are intimated about a possible problem with their child speech process, either by their child’s teacher, doctor, or through parental observation, it is very important to refer a speech-language pathologist for an assessment. At the time of evaluation, the SLP not only observes your child, but also implement a series of standard tests. These standardized tests determine their recent level of accomplishment. The results are compared with the child’s age expectations.

Causes for Language and Speech Delays

Children’s language and speech development is ruled by several factors. Habits, hearing (auditory) health and physical development are involved in your child’s ability to listen and speak. While there are different speech and language related problems children can encounter, a few of the most common causes are:

  • Poor Habits a�� Most frequently, children make many errors in pronunciation while beginning to speak initially. If they are not corrected, this habit to mispronounce words will become permanent and hard to break later.
  • Learning Delays a�� A few children find it difficult to learn new words. Also, they stumble to use language appropriately. Hence, speech therapy can help in this context.
  • Hearing Loss a�� Young ones learn to talk by imitating and listening to other’s speech. If they have a limited hearing, they are most likely to have delays in speech development.

Speech Therapy for Your Child

Most often, child speech therapy focuses on re-teaching a child methods to control their mouths while they attempt to speak. This is done in order to yield the best result. The SLP first demonstrates the proper form to the child and ask him/her to practice in front of a mirror. Then they are asked to practice independently. For most speech related problems, simply learning the correct placement of the teeth, tongue and lips helps children to articulate properly. With time, these new habits replace the less effective speaking ways of the child. Hence, child speech therapy can help your child immensely.

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