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Cerebral Palsy and Speech Therapy

Cerebral palsy can severely affect the muscle coordination and motor skills throughout the patient’s body. This means that all the muscles in his/her body are are susceptible to this condition. Apart from the extremities, like the legs and arms, even muscles that control breathing, speaking and eating can be equally affected. Most patients have trouble communicating with others, which is considered to be a key issue with cerebral palsy. Hence, cerebral palsy speech therapy can aid those affected to establish a method of communication which best suits the individual. Read on to know more about cerebral palsy and speech therapy.

Cerebral Palsy and Speech Therapy

Cerebral Palsy and Speech Therapy

These two aspects have been intertwined from the time this condition was first diagnosed. Still, speech therapy continues to evolve as more is being learnt about cerebral palsy. Children with this condition find it difficult to communicate. Speech therapy helps in reliving the frustration associated with communication problems. These problems sometimes affects bot the sides of caregiver-child relationship.

Speech therapy immensely helps the patient by:

  • Improving listening skills

  • Learning sign language

  • Using communication aids

  • Restoring speech

  • Correcting speech disorders

The duration of any speech therapy depends on the degree of treatment for cerebral palsy . Also, the patient’s response to the therapy is crucial. This therapy is conducted by a speech pathologist, which includes regular meetings with the therapist and home exercises. The therapy level is determined by the individual’s ability to communicate. Also, whether they can speak properly or not determines the level of speech therapy. A few people may have problems while moving their mouth to correctly form words because of muscle control. Even hearing loss may be evident in patients. The speech therapists can aid them in building their language skills by improving their listening skills, learning to speak in sentences, or learning new words.

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