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Stuttering Therapy for Children

Stuttering is a form of speech disorder which is prevalent and common among children. The good news is that it is possible to cure the speech disorder at this age. Stuttering therapy for children can effectively cure this condition if it is diagnosed at the early stage. As the child gets older, the chances of manifesting a stuttering problem minimizes. So, if your child is 6-years old or more and never exhibited the symptoms of stuttering, then the chances of developing a speech disorder are very low. Hence, the older your child gets without exhibiting any symptoms of stuttering, the less likely that he/she ever will. If your child stutters then follow the three simple yet effective steps to cover the treatment. Read on to know more about stuttering therapy for children.

Stuttering Therapy for Children

Stuttering Therapy for Children a�� Alternative Ideas

You can follow these easy steps daily for your child and see the results in a month or two. These include few ideas like:

Advice For Parents

Once you have discovered that you child stutters, then you should first and foremost you must consult a speech pathologist. They are professionals who can treat your child’s speech impairement. You can continue speech therapies like be a attentive and patient listener, respond with proper facial expression and make eye contact with your child while speaking. Also, avoid asking him/her to speak in public and interrupting in between. These steps help in your child’s recovery.

Power of Yoga

Yoga can effectively cure the speech disorder. Few breathing exercises and yoga postures bring amazing results in your child’s speech. A few such postures include Surya namaskar (sun salutation) , Suksham Vyayama and Singh asana (lion pose). These asanas bring relaxation in the child’s body and helps to cure the stuttering.


One of the best treatment for curing stuttering in children is meditation. It is a fact that it’s very hard to make your child sit quietly for few minutes. But if one sucessfully tries and manages, they can see the positive effects. This technique creates a balance within the body and transforms the way our bodies work.Hence, these alternative methods of stuttering therapy for children can work wonders if one patiently practices.

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