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What is Stammering?

Stammering is also known as stuttering. This is a form of speech disorder where the individual prolongs or repeats phrases, syllables or words. He or she may even stumble during speech as they dona��t make any sound for specific syllables. Individuals who stammer find that fatigue and stress can make it difficult for them to fluently speak. Also, situations where they become tense and self-conscious when they are speaking can make them stammer, like teaching or public speaking. Most individuals who stammer find that they dona��t face difficulty in speaking if they are at ease and relaxed. Read on to know more about stammering.

As per the Medilexicona��s medical dictionary, stammering is when a person a�?hesitates in speech, mispronounce, repeat or halt, by reasons of not knowing the topic, agitation, embarrassment or any unkonow physiologic causes. It is to transpose or mispronounce specific consonants in speech.a�?

Causes of Stammering

Stammering a�� An Overview

If one is pushed far enough, then even we can stammer. This can happen when one is under a very stressful condition like police interrogation, talking on phone for emergency services, or responding to an aggressive lawyer in court. This condition is quite common in children when they are learning to speak. Although, most children grow out of this stage of initial stammering and learn to speak fluently. For a few, however, this condition persists and needs some professional help. This is where speech therapy comes into the picture.

It is very crucial that parents do not force their children to speak in public. They should avoid drawing too much attention to the condition as it only makes the child more stressful. If the child feels calmer, he/she will experience less symptoms as they gradually cease.

Famous Personalities who Stammered

Remember one thing a�� This condition does not reflect an individuala��s personality or intelligence. To prove this point, here are a few famous personalities who stammered:

  • John Montague – Poet/Author
  • Charles Darwin – Naturalist/Scientist

  • Jack Harold Paar – US comedian & TV host

  • Isaac Newton – Scientist

  • George Washington – American President

  • Claudius Cesar – Roman Emperor

  • Gareth Gates – English pop star

  • Carly Simon – Singer

  • Arnold Bennett – British journalist/writer

  • Aristotle a�� Philosopher

  • Anthony Quinn – Actor (Zorba the Greek)

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