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Causes of Speech Delay in Children

Your son is just two years old and he is not talking. He tries to say a few words, although compared to other children his age, he is lagging behind. You hope against hope that he will soon catch up and keep postponing seeking any professional help and advice. You keep telling yourself that some kids are early talkers and some are early walkers. There is no need to worry… Here is a common scenario witnessed among parents of children who lag behind in speech. Read on to know the causes of speech delay in children.

Causes of Speech Delay in Children

Parents usually hesitate to seek any professional help until they notice any other areas where their child is “slow” to respond. There is a need to know what is “normal” and what is not regarding your child’s speech and language development. This will help you to figure out whether you should be concerned about your child’s speaking abilities.

Causes of Speech Delay in Children

There are several reasons which can cause delays in a child’s speech and language development. In normal cases, speech delays can be usually caused due to oral impairments, such as problems with the palate (roof of your mouth) or tongue. Even a short frenulum, which is the fold present beneath your tongue, can affect the tongue movement required for speech production.

Many children with speech delays suffer from oral-motor problems. This means that they have a problem with the areas of the brain which is responsible for speech and language production. He/she finds it difficult to correctly use and coordinate the jaw, tongue and lips to produce speech sounds. Also, hearing problems are related to speech delays. Hence, it is important to test your child’s hearing ability by an audiologist if there is any speech concern.

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