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Common Speech Disorders in Children

A�A child suffering from a speech disorder actually faces difficulty in producing sounds. There are many types of speech disorders, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASH). Read on to know more about some common speech disorders in children.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

This disorder, CAS, is basically a motor speech disorder. The affected child has problems pronouncing words, syllables or even sounds. The disorder occurs when the brain faces difficulty in moving the tongue, jaws and lips. This disorder is sometimes confused with other types of speech disorders. Hence, it is very important to have your child diagnosed by a professional. The symptoms of this disorder include difficulty eating, long pauses in between sounds and not babbling as a baby.

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Children afflicted with OMD basically move their tongue in an exaggerated movement forward while swallowing or talking. One of the most common sign of this disorder is a�?tongue thrust.a�? This habit is prevalent among infants, but it mostly fades away when a child grows older. It is important to consult a language speech pathologist, if your child is still doing the movement.

Articulation Disorders in Children

In this type of disorder, the child has problems saying words correctly or producing sounds that others cana��t understand him/her. A few of the symptoms of this disorder include problem blending the letters like a�?sa��, a�?ra�� and a�?la��, confusing with the a�?ia�� and a�?ya�� sound and a lateral or frontal lisp.

Fluency Disorders

You can easily recognise a fluency disorder in your child if he/she stutters. This happens when your childa��s speech is interfered with disfluencies, like repetitions, prolonging syllables and sounds. This actually becomes a grave problem when the speech is constantly disrupted by stuttering. Hence, you should immediately consult a language speech pathologist or paediatrician, if your child shows any signs of stuttering.

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