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Language Delays a�� An Overview

Parents whose children suffer from delayed speech are concerned about their late talking. One starts to worry when their childa��s speech and language development fails to meet the normal language skills like 4 to 6 words by 16 months. Even the childa��s health care provider can worry about his/her language delays. Once other developmental progress are normal (social skills, walking, comprehension), then parents start to analyze about global developments. A few kids start talking late when compared to others but their development is perfectly fine.

Although, late talking can be a sign of health or developmental problem. Parents have to be aware and alert of any symptoms of language delays and if needed should immediately consult clinicians. Read on to know more about language delays.

Causes of Speech Delay in Children

Language Delays a�� An Overview

The ideal age of learning and developing language skills have been a long dispute, as many kids who start talking late usually develop perfect and normal language skills once they grow older. But a few other children can have specific language problems which cana��t be resolved alone. If you are a concerned clinician or parent of a child who is a late talker, then you can begin with a pediatric holistic intervention to initial language delays.

First and foremost, you should know what exactly language delays are. To put it more simply, it is an impairment or failure to understand or use words properly, both nonverbally and verbally. A few characteristics of language delays include:

  • Failure to follow directions
  • Reduced vocabulary
  • Wrong grammatical patterns
  • Unable to express ideas
  • Wrong use of words and their subsequent meanings

Children who are affected by developmental language delay or language learning disabilities can exhibit any of these characteristics. Hence, if your child is facing any language delays, you should immediately consult a speech-language pathologist.

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