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5 Simple Home Speech Therapy Ideas

Anytime, any day professional speech therapy is really invaluable to a child who is suffering from any speech and language disorder. However, there are bound to be some breaks in the service. You child’s speech therapist goes on maternity leave or quits, then how to find a suitable replacement? All these things do happen. Don’t fret and worry! You can try these simple 5 ideas of home speech therapy to keep your child moving forward in his/her speech therapy. You will be really surprised to know how much help you can do.

5 Simple Home Speech Therapy Ideas

1. Use the textbook a�?Teach me How to Say it Righta�? as Your Guide

This simple and helpful textbook gives you numerous exercises which will help you to evaluate your child’s speech requirements. Also, it helps your child to successfully go through everyday situations.

2. Order Professional Aid

You can order some speech-therapy catalogs such as The Library of Speech-Language Pathology, Academic Communication Associates, Lingui Systems and The Speech Bin. These equipments are not cheap, although they are surely going to be fun sessions for your child. You can also improvise along with him/her.

3. Read the Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Read your child’s IEP once again. This is what you will expect from any therapist who will be working with your child. Review the goals of the speech therapy. Also, you can review the behavioral and academic goals and think about how your child’s speech challenges will impact these.

4. Teach Your Child the Figures of Speech

Your child can face problems in one area of using and understanding language. It is the area of figurative language and figures of speech. The speech therapist of your child may not be putting much effort into this aspect. So, you can focus on this part of the speech therapy program.

5. Give Language Exposure to Your Child

Try to expose your child to language as much as possible. Talk to your child and narrate you every day’s incidents. You can help him/her identify the words of simplest actions and objects around. Remember that practice makes everything eventually easier.

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