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Aphasia Issues a�� Points to Identify Aphasia

Aphasia primarily affects the individuala��s ability to speak. Also, this condition can affect the patienta��s understanding of language. Aphasia affects over 1 million people across the world. The level of severity and impairment varies. However, one must understand that this condition does not make an affected individual less intelligent. No cure has yet been discovered, although speech therapy can help. Speech-language therapists help the patient to relearn language skills. Also, they offer advice for improving communication. Read on to know how to identify aphasia.

Aphasia a�� Points to Identify

  • One should first understand the conditions which may lead to aphasia. This condition usually occurs when the language area of the brain gets damaged due to a stroke or injury. Also, brain tumours can also cause aphasia.
  • There are different types of aphasia. This condition is categorized according to till what extent the language skills are affected in the patients. A patient having nonfluent aphasia tends to skip words in a sentence. Fluent aphasics usually use very long sentences that do not seem to make any sense.
  • Observe the mild symptoms. Some people with severe aphasia cana��t communicate at all. On the other hand, a person with mild aphasia can go undetected or undiagnosed. Making up words or failing to find the correct words can be signs of this condition.
  • Notice any problems understanding written communication. A few people with aphasia face difficulty with speech whereas others have problems writing or reading. All levels of communication are affected in some people. When one makes a lot of errors in spelling words or the written words do not make any sense, then he or she may be an aphasic.
  • Observe any changes in the personality. An aphasic may begin to withdraw from friends, family and activities as they try to hide their problem. Depression or frustration is a common factor in people who deal with aphasia.

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