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Diagnosis of Broca’s Aphasia

Brocaa��s aphasia is also called motor aphasia. This condition occurs when a person suffers from any damage to the braina��s frontal lobe. The frontal lobe of the brain modulates the language skills. Hence, people with Brocaa��s aphasia face extreme difficulties while completing spoken or written sentences. Read on to know more about the diagnosis of Brocaa��s aphasia.

Brocaa��s Aphasia Diagnosis

  • One must remember that Brocaa��s aphasia occurs due to serious brain trauma. After a person sustains a injury and regains consciousness, an initial assessment of the extent of damage to his/her language faculties is made. This is carried out by the supervising physician.
  • A neurologist will at first try to diagnose this condition by engaging the affected person in a simple conversation. The expert will ask the patient to follow simple commands, converse and name objects. Since this condition primarily affects the written and verbal language skills, the neurologist will next refer the affected person to a speech-language pathologist if he or she suspects Brocaa��s aphasia. This condition is characterized by the affected persona��s ability to use verbs and nouns, but problems with sentences, conjunctions, pronouns, prepositions and adverbs.
  • Get the patient examined by a speech language pathologist. The expert will use in-depth series of examinations to analyze the extent of the brain damage and Brocaa��s aphasia. The regular and standardized tests which are most frequently used to diagnose this condition include the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination, the Porch Index of Speech Ability and the Western Aphasia Battery.
  • Try to get the analysis of the conditiona��s test results. These will immensely help the speech language pathologist in isolating the exact areas in the patienta��s brain which suffered damage. Thus, the pathologist can prepare a specific treatment and recovery program. An affected individual can successfully recover his or her language capabilities by following a speech therapy program, although the extent of recovery primarily depends on the location of brain damage and severity of the brain damage.

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