Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Exercise for Aphasia

To begin with the speech therapy exercise for aphasia patients, the main cause of the condition has to be stabilized or treated. After the condition has been stabilized, the speech language pathologist can work on the patienta��s rehabilitation. The patient should undergo therapy immediately after sustaining the injury to completely recover his or her language function. Read on to know more about speech therapy exercise for aphasia.

Speech Therapy a�� Treatment for Aphasia
As there are no medical or surgical procedures available currently to treat the condition, the after-effects which occur from a stroke or head injury can be improved by implementing the treatment of speech therapy. For most aphasic patients, however, the main focus is given on optimizing the use of the affected persona��s retained language skills. Also, they are made to learn other communication tools to compensate for their permanently lost language skills.

Speech Therapy Exercises
For a speech therapy session, the formulation of exercises and activities is critically done. This depends on the speech language therapistsa�� diagnosis and assessment results of the patient, although there are a few general activities and exercises which can be done to treat the condition. As most types of aphasia involve sensory loss and right-sided weakness, it is very crucial for the patient to be able to exercise their body. To strengthen the bodya��s weak muscles, regular exercise and practice is required. Also, regular exercise prevents the muscles from any further degeneration.

The exercise does not have to be taxing. The pathologist can exercise the affected persona��s weakened muscles by projecting facial expressions such as frowning and smiling. Also, the patient can be asked to repeat certain words. These exercises are focused on the speech function. Even chewing food can be extremely helpful as the patient is able to exercise the articulators required for speech production like the jaw and tongue. These can be weakened following aphasia.

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