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Speech Therapy Techniques for Stammering

Speech therapy techniques for stammering is an attempt to reduce the stammering to some degree in an affected individual. Stammering can be a real challenge to treat as there is a lack of any evidence-based consensus about speech therapy techniques. Although there is a dispute about the acceptable treatment results from stammering speech therapy, various methods have been designed to treat stammering. These treatment methods have been successful to an extent. Read on to know more about speech therapy techniques for stammering.

Speech Therapy Techniques for Stammering

Electronic Devices
There are fluency enhancing electronic devices which depend on FAF (Frequency-Shifting Auditory Feedback) and DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback). These electronic devices pick up the individual’s voice recorded in a microphone. Then it slows down the sound for few seconds (in DAF) or transfers the voice frequency (in FAF) and feed the individual’s voice back through the earphones.

FAF and DAF can immediately minimize and even eliminate the stuttering which requires least efforts from the individual’s side. These devices, however, should be ideally used combinedly with regular therapy with a speech-language pathologist or comprehensive stuttering self-therapy. Also, there is a need to learn techniques for fluency enhancing and synchronize breathing pattern with speech.

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)
One more effective way to treat stuttering is by visiting a speech-language pathologist (SLP). However, referring an SLP is costly in terms of money as well as time. Also, one has to read more about stuttering before first time visiting the SLP. This knowledge will help you to make your goals and you can discuss more effectively with SLP. Always a holistic approach has to be used.

Speech Clinics
There are many speech clinics which provide intensive therapy techniques for stuttering. But you should keep certain guidelines before choosing a speech clinic:

  1. Stuttering cannot be treated completely overnight. Hence, after an intensive speech therapy technique for stammering, it should be followed-up by some other form of therapy.
  2. Keep in mind that only a holistic approach or treatment method can effectively minimize and eliminate stuttering. Also, you should ensure that the speech clinic should provide a comprehensive therapy involving every aspect of stuttering.

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