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Speech Development in Children and Stuttering

We may all agree that learning to speak is a remarkable feat. It is even more astonishing that this is accomplished just within the initial years of childhood. However, this task can be marred with a few stumbling blocks a�� speech disorders like stuttering. Speech development in children and stuttering are interlinked. Another common speech anomaly is non-fluency which many take it as stuttering, although non-fluency is very different. Read on to know more about speech development and stuttering.

Speech Development in Children and Stuttering

Normal Non-fluency and Speech Development in Children
According to Donna Seedorf-Harmouth, a speech-language pathologist, the normal non-fluency strikes when children try to express their ideas about all the things which they are learning. Also, sometimes the muscles in the mouth are not coordinated to say letters or words as quickly as their mind thinks of these words or letters. During this juncture, the normal non-fluency occurs in children. In this condition. The affected child trips up on little word while constructing a sentence. Also, the words get stuck on the tip of their tongue which does not allow them to say these words as quickly as they want.

Stuttering and Speech Development in Children
When it comes to stammering or stuttering, the affected child will begin to with his or her speech, fragment his or her speech or break the words, according to Dr. Bob Kroll. He is a language fluency expert. According to Dr. Troll, there is a marked difference between the child who stutters and the child who is going through normal non-fluency phase. Instead of hearing the repetitive words like a�?mommy, mommy, mommya�? one might hear something like a�?m-m-mommy, m-m-mommya�?. This indicates a tension and struggle with the speech process.

If you think that your child is stuttering, then you should immediately consult your child’s doctor. He or she will then make an appointment with a speech-language pathologist. The speech therapist will be able to analyse how chronic the speech problem is a�� whether the problem occurs regularly or it is just an isolated episode.

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