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Speech Development in Toddlers

By the end of your baby’s first year, he or she will reward you with his or her first word. Speech development in toddlers is a fast process as they learn very quickly. From that moment, she will continue to amaze you with the fast rate of learning new words. Your child will attain the skill of communicating verbally to others then, he or she will be able to interact with the world. Read on to know more about speech development in toddlers.

Speech development in toddlers is the period for listening and modelling the language tool. They tend to try new words and need your help with pronouncing some complex sound combinations. By 18 months, most kids have a surge in their vocabulary. This is known as ‘word spurt’ by the researchers. During this time, they begin to learn new words. Most toddlers start to use nearly 250 to 350 words by the time they turn two. Just after mere six months, they start to use words double that number.

Speech Development in Toddlers

Milestones in Speech Development in Toddlers

By the time they turn 18 months:

  • Enjoys begin read to, listening to music and singing
  • Responds when their name is called
  • Speaks a few single words
  • Ask for simple things
  • Uses more than six words
  • Points to objects when they are named
  • ‘Talks’ in baby language (babbling)

By the age of 2:

  • Repeats the last part of sentences
  • Able to say their own name
  • Begin to join words together to form simple phrases
  • Has 100 words in their vocabulary

If your child faces any difficulty with speech development, then you can consult your child’s doctor who will refer to a speech-language pathologist for further assessment. Hence, speech development in toddlers is a remarkable feat on its own as they learn to communicate with others.

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