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Speech Therapy for a Stuttering Child

Stuttering or stammering can become a part of somebodya��s life. However, if speech therapy is included for correcting a stuttering child, then this condition does not have to be a lifelong part. But, it does not have to act as a hindrance in your childa��s ability to make pals, actively participate in classroom discussions, achieve good grades, form beautiful and lasting relationships or achieve his or her desired career goals. Read onto know more about speech therapy for a stuttering child.

How to decide about speech therapy for a stuttering child?
It can be a difficult task for you to decide whether to take your child for speech therapy intervention or not. There are many parents who have concerns about taking their child to speech therapy as they feel that such intervention will increase his/her awareness of the stammering. They think it might have a negative effect on their child or they are unsure of the right time to begin therapy sessions for their child. This happens more when they hear conflicting advice like a�?wait and see.a�?

Additionally, research and studies specify that nearly 70% of all small children who stutter will eventually come out of it on their own with no speech therapy. However, research also suggests that if a stuttering child faces the problem for more than a year, then the chances of him or her to outgrow it sans any speech therapy also minimizes.

There are no rigid guidelines about the exact time to begin speech therapy for a stuttering child. But, many speech-language pathologists believe starting therapy within 6 to 12 months after you first noticed your child stuttering. One thing is assured that every child can benefit from speech therapy. However, the outcomes can differ with different children. Some children successfully eradicate stuttering from their speech completely, while other children learn various strategies which aid them to stammer less.

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