Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

You might have recently attended the parent-teacher conference, and the teacher expressed genuine concern about your child’s speech or language skills. Or you might have noticed your child stammer or stutter occasionally. Could your kid have a speech or language problem? If yes, what exactly you have to do? Read onto know more about speech and language therapy.

Speech and Language Therapy

It is advised to intervene as quickly as possible. You should seek an evaluation by an speech-language pathologist who will help you to determine your child’s speech and language difficulties.

About Speech and Language Therapy
This is the mode of treatment which is advised for most children with speech/language disorders. Any type of speech disorder is defined as a problem or difficulty with the exact production of sounds. On the other hand, a language disorder is defined as a problem in understanding or conjoining words together to express and communicate thoughts and ideas.

Specialists in Speech and language Therapy
Speech-language therapists are commonly referred as speech therapists, who are professionals specialising in the area of human communication a�� the developmental factor as well as its disorders. These medical professionals should at least hold a master’s degree and a state licensure/certification in their filed of expertise. Also, they should hold a clinical competency certificate from ASHA.

The speech-language pathologist by assessing the patient’s swallowing, cognitive-communication, language and speech skills can successfully identify the types of communication disorders afflicting the individual. Also, they can analyse the best way to treat the speech disorder.

The speech-language therapist can successfully implement speech and language therapy for children and adults in the fields of receptive-expressive language problems; voice, speech, oral-motor; and articulation.

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