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Speech and Language Therapy Ideas

One can successfully use themes in his or her therapy sessions which provides a great framework to build on. These speech and language therapy ideas can help in real life situations. With minimal efforts and time, speech and language therapy can become a lot of fun and interesting a�� for both the speech-language therapist and the patient. Read onto know more about some wonderful speech and language therapy ideas.

Speech and Language Therapy Ideas

How to use one idea for several kids?
These ideas can be successfully applied to different speech and language goals. One can be innovative and use games with a slight variation for speech sound activities. One can also work on the writing, following directions, sequencing and vocabulary while using an idea for speech and language therapy.

  • Animal puppets a�� One can imagine and define what a puppet can do.
  • Coloring game a�� Following set of instructions to color in a worksheet.
  • Dice phrases a�� One should roll a dice to select a character. Again, one should roll the dice to select a specific action.
  • Drawing from instructions a�� Kids follow the verbal instructions of the speech-language pathologist to recreate a picture of the original drawing.
  • Drawing a�� One can draw a specific picture, which others have to guess and name.
  • Dressing up games a�� This is a motivating game for a group. This helps in developing early expressive and receptive social as well as language skills.
  • Everybody follow a�� One can give as well as receive set of instructions from their peers.
  • Feeding doll and teddy a�� This is an classic idea and activity for younger children.
  • Hidden coin a�� A single coin is hidden under one of the set of verb drawings. Kids are asked to describe the drawing before they are allowed to look underneath for the hidden coin.

These speech and language therapy ideas will definitely help one in the speech therapy sessions.

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