Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy Activities

Speech and language therapy activities are considered to be the best treatment for children with speech/language disorders. A speech disorder is defined as a problem with actual sound production. On the other hand, a language disorder is defined as a difficulty in putting or understanding words together to express and communicate ideas. Read onto know more about speech and language therapy activities.

Speech and Language Therapy Activities

Activities for Speech and Language Therapy
Here are a list of activities which can be suggested to children with any speech/language disorder.

  • Race for goodies a�� You should place artic cards reverse in one row for each player. The individual has to turn over a card and say the word aloud correctly. Next, he or she has to move onto the next card. If he or she misarticulate, then they have to stop and repeat the word until they say it right. At the far end of the artic cards lies a prize, like a sticker or a candy.
  • Hide and seek a�� The speech-language pathologist hides the cards and the individual finds them. He or she has to say them using good sounds.
  • Mystery pick a�� The counsellor selects a winning card and places the card back in the deck. Next, he/she shuffles and fans the cards out. The patient take turns while selecting cards and says aloud the word written on the card. The final one who picks the winning card gets a reward.
  • Bean bag toss a�� Cards are placed in a row on the floor. Choose a winning card. Have an individual stand few feet back. Next, the counsellor tosses the bag on the winning card. The individual has to say the word inscribed on the card that the bag lands on.
  • Fishing for numbers or words a�� this activity can be done in two ways. You can either use a fishing pole attached with a magnet to pick up paper card with paper clips, or use it to pick up paper fish inscribed with numbers. The number signifies how many words the individual has to say.

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