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Stuttering Treatments for Children

For several years, it has been a norm amongst parents to use the “wait and see” approach when it comes to consider about stuttering treatments for children. They think twice before considering stuttering treatments for their preschool-aged child who stutters or stammers. Speech-language therapists, family members and even pediatricians most often tell parents that “it is just part of the growing phase,” and “the child will definitely outgrow it.” Several children do outgrow their stammering, but their is no demarcation to know which kids will and will not further continue to stammer. Read onto know more about stuttering treatments for children.

As mentioned above, there are no definite understanding which children will continue to stutter or will stop eventually. What is actually known to us is that there are several risk factors which can cause a child to stammer continuously:

  • Frustration with his or her stuttering, or even awareness of the condition
  • Consistency of the type and frequency of stammering
  • Other physical, psychological, emotional, language and most commonly, co-occurring speech disorders/delays
  • Imbalanced or delayed speech and language skills
  • The exact time frame of stammering since the onset of the condition
  • Family history of stammering

Stuttering Treatments for Children
Clinical and research experience has led to the establishment of the strong belief that early intervention can enhance a kid’s chance of recovering from stammering. But, it is not known which kid will not be able to outgrow stuttering naturally. Hence, the first and foremost in stuttering treatment is identifying children who are more at risk of stammering continuously. These children should be treated as soon as possible to overcome their problem. Once it is identified, then a more definite approach can be taken to treat the stuttering child.

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