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Stuttering Problems in Children

Stammering or stuttering problems in children are a common occurrence. This condition occurs when a childa��s speech timing is not yet developed and matured, and this causes a disruption in their sound production. As this condition happens, a child begins to stammer. Some of the common manifestations of stuttering include prolongation of specific sounds and involuntary sound repetition such as pausing before speech or abnormal hesitation. Read onto know more about stuttering problems in children.

Stuttering Problems in Children

Stammering and Children a�� The Existing Problems!
Stammering does not mean that the affected child is less intelligent when compared to other children. Except their speech impediment, children who stammer may be perfectly normal. In fact, more than 20% of children stammer in their early childhood. This is considered to be a natural part of their language development as their skill and knowledge increase. Also, they find it difficult to use all the skill and knowledge together to say what is their in their mind. But, these early episodes of stammering does not prolong in most children.

But the important question is where does this condition comes from? Also who is most likely to suffer? It is now known that stammering is a genetic disorder. Nearly 60% of all adults who stammer have a close family member who also stammers. However, genetics is not the only stuttering problems. This condition occurs in kids who either have some developmental or language delay. Also, it has been found that people who stammer actually process speech and language in a complete different region of the brain. This indicates that neurophysiology also plays a key role.

Other factors like a fast paced lifestyle and high expectations at home are some of the factors which might lead to stuttering problems in children. These factors create panic and anxiety which makes speaking correctly more difficult for kids. One should try to take steps toward finding a good support base and more fluent speech to make life more worthwhile and pleasant!

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