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Stuttering Problems in Adults

Speech problems like stuttering problems in adults are most common cases faced by speech-language therapists. Adults face several types of speech problems like stuttering, dysarthria, voice problem and difficulty in articulation. Stuttering or stammering is a type of communication disorder that is characterized by broken speech flow due to abnormal stoppages (no production of sounds), prolongations or repetitions of syllables and sounds. Also, it may be associated with unusual body and facial movements wile trying to speak. Read onto know more about stuttering problems in adults.

Stuttering Problems in Adults

Causes of stuttering
There are four major factors which may lead to the development of stammering :

a�? Family dynamics a�� Fast-paced lifestyles and high expectations can contribute to stammering.
a�? Neurophysiology a�� recent research on neurological activity has revealed that individual who stammer actually process speech and language differently than people who do not stammer.
a�? Child development a�� Kids with developmental delays or any other speech and language disorder are most likely to stammer.
a�? Genetics a�� Around 60% people who stammer have a close family member who also stammers.

Stammering can occur when several factors come together into the foray. Also, it may have different causes or reasons in different individuals.

How many people stammer?
Nearly 68 million people around the world stammer, which is nearly 1% of the worlda��s entire population. This amounts to over 3 million Americans in the United States who stammer.

Ratio of females to males who stammer
Stammering affects 4 times as many as males when compared with females.

Stammering and psychological problems a�� The link
Adults who stammer do not develop this condition because of any emotional or psychological problems. There is no real reason to think that emotional problem causes stammering.

Hence, stuttering problems in adults can be resolved by seeking the help of a qualified speech-language therapist. With the help of speech therapy, one can easily improve his or her fluency of speech.

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