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How to Treat Stuttering Problems in Toddlers

Toddlers are pretty amazing as they learn various skill sets in a short span of time, in leaps and bounds. But, one of the most difficult things for them is to master the communication skills as we come across stuttering problems in toddlers. While mastering the art of communication, they can stammer or stutter. If you are one of the concerned parent worried about your childa��s stuttering, then here is how you can treat stuttering problems in toddlers with some effective parenting tips.

How to Treat Stuttering Problems in Toddlers

Treat Stuttering Problems in Toddlers
a�? Is it true stammering a�� Most kids tend to repeat words, mostly at the starting of their sentences. This occurs as their minds are working so fast that their mouth cana��t match up to the speed. This act is quite normal in children. This will resolve on its own by the time the child turns 5-year old.
a�? Emphasize on sounds than on words a�� When the words are rushed and hurried, dona��t mistake it for stuttering. This happens when your kid is either excited, cranky or tired. Stammering is more of repetition of sounds like a�?M-m-mm-mommy.a�? One more sign of stammering is prolonging the first sound in the word.
a�? Stressed out child a�� Stammering in toddlers is mostly associated with stress, which they find to deal with. The frustration of failing to express themselves properly leads to this condition. This condition tends to worsen further with stammering. The signs of anxiety and stress include hesitant to speak, clenched jaw and mood swings.
a�? Talk to your personal doctor a�� Ask your pediatrician to make a primary diagnosis in order to evaluate your childa��s speech disorders. If your doctor believes that your child is really stammering, then he or she will further refer you to a speech-language pathologist to treat your toddler.

Hence, you can treat stuttering problems in toddlers by seeking the help of a qualified speech-language pathologist. With the help of speech therapy, your child will surely recover and improve the fluency of speech.

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