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Stuttering Treatments and Drugs

One should know that there is no specific stuttering treatments and drugs. The truth is there is no real cure for stammering. But, a few medications have been tried and tested for treating this condition. However, no drug has yet proved to cure the condition. Most children who stammer outgrow the condition on their own. Hence, there is no real need for treatment or drug. If your kid’s stammering lasts longer than 6 months or lasts beyond age 5, then speech therapy can be useful to improve his or her stammering. Read onto know more about stuttering treatments and drugs.

Stuttering Treatments and Drugs

Parental Involvement a�� Get Involved!
This is known to be one of the most common treatment method, which is most effective for early stammering in preschoolers. This method of treatment includes the concerned parents. Also, it involves praising the affected child to speak fluently and slowly.

Controlled Fluency a�� Observe the Fluency of Speech
This is a type of speech therapy for improving your child’s stammering. This not only needs your kid to slow down the speech rate, but even teaches the affected child to self-monitor for stammering. Even though kids generally speak deliberately, very slowly as they start this type of speech therapy, they reach a more natural and even speech rate over time with the help of speech-language pathologist.

Electronic Devices a�� Speech Therapy Tool
There are different types of electronic devices on the market to help individuals who stammer. One such electronic device is known as ‘delayed auditory feedback.’ This device requires the affected kid to slow down the speech rate. If he or she fails to do so, then the speech will sound damaged or distorted via the electronic device. There is another instrument which mimics the kid’s speech so that it sounds as if the kid talking along with some other person.

Hence, as mentioned, there is no exact stuttering treatments and drugs to cure the speech disorder. If you child is below 2-years old, then he or she will outgrow the impediment. In this situation, treatments or drugs are not needed. However, if your child continues with stammering, then you should take it seriously. You should immediately consult a qualified speech-language pathologist to improve his or her speech and fluency.

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