Speech Therapy

Stuttering Treatments and Techniques

Do you need some fresh and innovative ideas for stuttering treatments and techniques? Here are a few such activities which you can try and implement. Read onto know more about stuttering treatments and techniques.

Stuttering Treatments and Techniques

Treatments and Techniques for Stuttering

  • Sharing One Thing
    This activity is a mode of encouraging early generalization skill in stammering people. In this, people are asked to “share one thing” at the beginning of speech therapy session. During this time, they are expected to use their main sound correctly. When pointed out, they are highly motivated to correct a mistake or error. Either self-correction or charting can be implemented to track errors. This will help the child to see an improvement.
  • Chewing
    It is difficult task to ask the child to correctly elicit the ‘r’ sound. One can ask the child to chew gum with the mouth open energetically while trying to say the letter ‘r’. This technique actually gets the tongue moving as well as exploring various positions.
  • Word Board
    In order to make articulation therapy relevant to an affected child’s life, you can enlist words that the child stutters or misprounces in his or her daily conversation. You can write these ‘problem words’ on small colored cards. As an initial warm-up drill, you can go through these words quickly.
  • Stations
    Instead of asking your patients to stay in one place during the entire therapy session, you can set up various stations around the room. Once the affected children successfully self-monitor their speech, they can then move from one activity to the next one. But, the still stay focused on the primary, personal goal they enlisted for the speech therapy.

Hence, these different stuttering treatments and techniques will definitely help one to either improve or overcome their stuttering. These innovative ideas will help one to improve their speech fluency.

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