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Accent Reduction Speech Therapy

Every individual speaks with an accent. Accent reduction speech therapy aims in either eliminating or neutralizing this foreign accent. One may speak the English language with an accent from a different part in the U.S. One can also speak English with a different accent as this may not be his or her first language. One can even speak French with an English accent. The world has become a global village now as people move from one country to another easily. Hence, one aspect which we tend to carry with us no matter where we settle is our unique accent. Read on to know more about accent reduction speech therapy.

Accent – What is it?
An accent is defined as the unique way in which speech is pronounced by a particular group of people who speak the same language. Accents are generally grouped as per:
• Foreign accents
• Regional accents

Accents are the natural aspect of spoken languages. One should be aware of the fact that accents are NOT considered as language or speech disorder.

Speech Therapy for Accent Reduction
In accent reduction therapy, you first receive a complete evaluation of speech pattern. Your speech-language pathologist evaluates your:
• Intonation, rhythm and stress of speech
• Sound pronunciation (vowels and consonants)

Apart from the general evaluation, you can also be asked to read aloud words, phrases and paragraphs. Your SLP will even focus on your speech while conversing. After collecting all these information, your SLP will determine how can your accent be modified and enhance your overall communication skills.

In accent reduction speech therapy, your SLP will develop a set of goals depending on your individual needs and requirements. The training sessions can be held individually or even in small groups. As mentioned earlier, speaking any language with an accent is not considered as a language or speech disorder.

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