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Accent Reduction Therapy Ideas

Accent reduction therapy is also known as accent neutralization, which involves teaching an individual with a heavy regional accent or a non-native speaker to sound more natural without any accent. Accent reduction therapy ideas help one to reduce accent in several different ways. Voice or speech therapy is one such idea to reduce an accent. Read on to know more about accent reduction therapy ideas.

Accent Reduction Therapy Ideas

a�? Speech Therapy
To neutralize an strong accent, the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association (ASHA) stresses on the point that one must work with a qualified and certified speech-language pathologist. This association offers a list of such qualified SLPs on its homepage, so you can easily find one in your locality. Certified professionals will keenly listen while you read and speak conversationally. Also, they work with you to devise a exercise plan to modify and improve your accent.

You can either work with an speech-language pathologist one-on-one or in small groups of individuals with same accents.This idea for accent reduction include changing the pitch or intonation at which you speak; altering the cadence or pace of your speaking; and including colloquial language use and elision.

a�? Practice
You must practice the set of exercises or activities planned for you by your speech-language pathologist as a part of your accent reduction therapy program. Include these exercises in your daily schedule; you can also use a tape recorder or mirror if your therapist has recommended one. In every session, ask your therapist to hear you performing your activities. Hence, if you make a mistake, he or she can rectify you then and there.

a�? Speaking Everyday Using Accent Reduction Therapy Ideas
You must focus on accent-free and clear speaking in your daily life. Even if you are among other people who share your accent, try to speak as your therapist has asked you to. You tend to sound more natural when you speak, as you speak more using accent reduction techniques.

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