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Articulation Problems a�� Symptoms And Causes

People who pronounce or sound incorrect syllables, words, and consonants make it difficult for the listeners to understand what they are speaking, and have Articulation Problems. A condition like cerebral palsy, physical injury, hearing loss, cleft palate, any other mouth related problem like dental issues, or it could be faulty learning. Distorted sounds, slurred, slow or broken speech are some of the results of articulation problems in individuals.

Symptoms Of Distorted Speech:

  • A child with the problem will find it difficult to pronounce certain vowels and consonants like r, l, m, b, d etc.
    Weak articulation of the letter a�?ra��.
  • Lisping, a speech defect where one letter is pronounced as another which almost sounds the same. For example, s and z.
  • Omission of sounds. For example, hat is pronounced as a�?ata��.
  • Substitution of sounds. Shake is pronounced as a�?fakea��.
  • Distortion is an attempt by a person to sound correct but the end result is always inaccurate.
  • Additions of extra syllables and sounds.
  • Dysarthria is slow and careless or hurried reading and speaking.

Causes Of Unclear Articulation:

  • Permanent hearing impairment or temporary loss due to ear infections or other conditions can lead to this problem.
  • Since birth to the age of 3 if a child has any hearing problem then that will also contribute towards it. A child will find it hard to even speak in his or her own language.
  • When a person or kid is suffering from Ankyloglossia, a condition where one feels tongue tied. This prevents the person from producing the sounds that involve tongue-tip.
  • A person with cleft palate condition which results in speech difficulties.
  • It could be due to cerebral palsy which is a neuromuscular problem that can affect smooth and clear speech.
  • Children with slow over all development growth often find it difficult to be fluent with their verbal and articulating skills. But, it is very important to consider the age of the children and their skills according to that age.

A child with none of the above mentioned reasons may also show delayed articulation problems that needs a few guiding tips from a speech therapist or some assistance.

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