Speech Therapy

Articulation Therapy Ideas To Learn The Skill

Speech disorder can be due to a brain injury, faulty learning, and other reasons where certain syllables and pronunciations are sounded differently, or are skipped, or new sounds are added. Articulation Therapy Ideas help children and adults learn and pronounce these syllables appropriately. Card games, passing the ball, and sound collage are a few of the many options to learn the correct sound. Articulation therapy ideas have the sole motive to make the kids learn correct sound.

Card GamesArticulation Therapy IdeasArticulation Therapy IdeasArticulation Therapy Ideas

Here Are A Few Ideas That Can Help With The Speech Disorder:

  1. Passing The Ball:
    Stand face to face with your kid at a distance from each other. Each time a ball is passed think of a new word with the target sound. For example if your child has a problem with a�?Ka��, then try to find and ask the child to pronounce a new word each time with a�?ka�� at the beginning, middle, and end. Every time your kid speaks the word correctly, allow him to pass the ball, or else he would have to repeat the word until he gets it right.
  2. Sound Collage:
    Make a collage of pictures selected from newspapers, magazines, and other books and paste it on a big cardboard. Take one picture at a time and pay attention to the target word. Each picture should have the target sound.
  3. Hunt The Treasure:
    Write some words with the target syllables on sticky notes and paste on two or more places of a darkened room. Using a flash light you and your kid have to search for all these words. Before searching the second word, the first word has to be articulated correctly. Unless and until your kid sounds it correctly, he or she cannot move to the next word.
  4. Guess The Picture:
    Select a bunch of pictures with the target syllable and paste each of them on a different index card. Cover all the pictures with other index cards. Give hints and slowly start revealing the picture. Encourage your child to guess the picture correct with right sound. If he cannot articulate it properly hide the picture again. After the first two rounds of correct identification and pronunciation, reward your kid with a candy to motivate further.
  5. Memory Trick:
    Show your kid five or more pictures with the target sound. Ask him or her to memorize the pictures and their order with closed eyes. While the kid is memorizing it, change the order of the pictures. Ask the kid to put the pictures back in order while pronouncing the sound correctly.

These are only a few of the many articulation therapy ideas that can help people with speech disorder.

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