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What Are The Causes Of Speech Sound Disorders?

Mistakes that children make while learning to talk can be endearing but only till certain age. Unclear pronunciations while learning his or her native language can be worrisome. Speech Sound Disorders are the mistakes that children make even after passing a certain age and are no more toddlers. Speaking incorrectly due to faulty learning habits, brain injury, or stroke are some of the main reasons for it. Downa��s syndrome, cleft palate, and neurological disorders are also the other causes of speech sound disorders.

Speech Sound DisordersSpeech Sound DisordersSpeech Sound DisordersSpeech Sound Disorders

Here Are The Reasons Why Some Of Us Have A Problem With Certain Syllables:

Almost all the children outgrow these errors and learn how to sound correctly, but if some of them have a problem then a speech language pathologist can help the child.

  1. Developmental Disorders:
    Any psychological or physiological disorder that a child experiences at a very young age has the potential to hinder a normal development process. These hindrances can possibly result in speech disorders. A good example of it is autism.
  2. Cleft Palate Or Lip:
    Cleft palate and cleft lip are two variations formed during the gestation period. It leads to distorted and split lips. It is one of the major reasons that can result in pronouncing of incorrect sounds.
  3. Neurological Disorders:
    Any deformity, injury or disorder related to brain, spinal cord, or nerves forming the nervous system can inhibit a persona��s ability to speak clearly or weakens the muscles or paralyzes. Cerebral palsy is an example of neurological disorder.
  4. Hearing Loss:
    Impaired hearing or complete loss of it before learning a language fluently can also impact the exact and correct sounds of certain syllables.
  5. Faulty Learning:
    Not all cases of unclear speech are due to some or the other disorder, it could also be plainly because the child has not learned how to sound a syllable properly. All children make mistakes while learning new sounds, but if not corrected in time they might continue the same faulty pronunciation all through their life.

Speech sound disorders can result in lisping, stuttering, stammering, and other forms that can make the listener confused and the speaker embarrassed.

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