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Effects Of Brain Injury And Speech Disruption

Brain damage can adversely affect the speaking, reading, and writing ability in individuals who suffer from head injury, stroke, or any other degeneration or destruction to brain cells. Effects Of Brain Injury can be as difficult as the diminishing of cognitive ability i.e. the inability to reason, judge, remember, and perceive, or facing problem in speaking, delusion, and mental handicap are only a few of the symptoms. Coma, and living in a vegetative condition are the most severe results.

Effects Of Brain Injury:

  1. Aphasia is a disorder related to mind and it involves the loss of understanding, processing, and producing language. If a person’s ability to speak is affected then it is called Expressive Aphasia or Broca’s aphasia.
  2. The damage to the head makes it difficult for a person to piece and process all the information correctly and results in impaired cognitive skills.
  3. Sufferer of broca’s aphasia experiences loss of vocabulary.
  4. The speech of the sufferer is interrupted, slow, not fluent, and is grammatically incorrect.
  5. Writing too is affected negatively and the patient omits function words and the writing is usually full of disjointed words.
  6. In some cases a patient can write numbers but cannot speak them. These situations in life can be very embarrassing and depressing too.
  7. The speech becomes indistinct, slurred, mispronounced, and puzzled.
  8. The memory too is affected and an injured brain finds it difficult to remember words and talking sounds unclear.
  9. Articulating names of people, places, and things becomes very difficult in such cases.
  10. Even if they try to say some thing it may not be clear and could sound something totally irrelevant. Example a person may call ‘skating’ as ‘bleating’.
  11. Children who suffer from any internal or external injury tend to recover fast because the health brain tissues can assume the function of the damaged part.

Therapists, counselors, and experts can help a patient overcome the negative effects of brain injury and improve and correct the speech problem.

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