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What Is Receptive Aphasia?

Difficulty in understanding written and spoken language, trouble in writing and reading, and the inability to express the emotions accurately are some of the symptoms of Receptive Aphasia. Other evidences are, including words that are not relevant or have no meaning, fast speech rate, and framing long sentences with incorrect content. Internal or external injury to the brain, brain tumor, and cerebral vascular accident known as stroke are some of the many causes of receptive aphasia.

Let Us Understand In Brief What The Neurological Disorder All About Is:

  • Every time we want to speak anything we formulate it first and then it is processed, transmitted, and is finally carried out before we actually sound it.
  • A person with aphasia symptom too formulates what is to be spoken, but the outcome is unclear with many random words inserted in his or her speech.
  • Though the patient speaks fluently, the content that he or she uses is grammatically incorrect, and that person tends to avoid verbs, tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, and other mandatory parts of speech making it difficult for the listener to understand.
  • Receptive aphasia can interfere with a persona��s ability to read and understand written words.
  • They tend to substitute one word with another for example they might say television for telephone.
  • They also find it hard to repeat words that they spoke or what others spoke recently.
  • People with this form of aphasia find no difficulty in memorizing, and reciting things.
  • Their ability to learn and sing songs is also unaffected.
  • They are neither aware of their own profanity nor do they have a control over its use.
  • They do not understand the emotional expressions, pitch, or tone.
  • Many of them who are unable to express accurately with words use sign language or facial expressions to communicate.
  • They find it hard to differentiate between words that sound alike. For example a�?beda�� and a�?bada��.
  • Writing becomes a difficult task for them as they find it difficult to differentiate the sounds accurately.

Failure to communicate and comprehend any form of language are the basic problems with receptive aphasia which can be overcome with proper training, counseling, and with patience.

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