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What Is Verbal Apraxia? Ita��s Causes And Symptoms

Some children and adults find it difficult to speak clearly even though they put all the efforts to sound correctly and use the right syllables. Or people with Verbal Apraxia at times use completely different words to express themselves. It is a disorder where a patient searches for the appropriate word but fails to do so, or at times repeats the same word several times before saying it correctly. Verbal Apraxia could be acquired due to some defect or injury to the left brain or it could be seen at the birth time.

What Is Speech Apraxia?
It is a neurological disorder where a person finds it difficult to express his or her feelings in right words. Also, the speech is unclear, inconsistent, and has difficulty with longer and complex words. Even when an individual pronounces a complex word correctly he/she cannot repeat it again. In many cases the sufferer repeats a word several times before pronouncing correctly.

What Are The Causes Of Apraxia Of Speech?
The main cause of this speech disorder is any damage, defect, illness, or injury to that part of the brain which involves speaking abilities. Some scientists believe it is the inability of the brain to send proper signals to the speech muscles and hence resulting in mumbling.

Types Of Speech Dyspraxia:
There are mainly two types of this disorder, one is developmental and the second one is acquired.

  • Developmental Speech Apraxia:
    It occurs in small children and is seen as a disorder right from the birth. Boys are affected by it more than girls. Also called as childhood dyspraxia, it grows with the child and the symptoms become clear with the years passing. It is believed that kids born in a family with a history of communication disorders often suffer from it.
  • Acquired Dyspraxia Of Speech:
    This type of disarrangement is not age specific and can affect anyone at any age. Any illness, stroke, TBI, injury, damage, defect, or any other reason that impacts the left hemisphere of the brain can lead to it. It could also be due to the weakness of the muscles of face, mouth, lips that may not aid in proper articulation.

These are the types, causes, and symptoms of this nervous and brain disorder called verbal apraxia.

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