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Ideational Apraxia a�� What Is It? Its Causes And Symptoms

There are moments in life when we temporarily or even momentarily forget how to use a certain thing or object. It is frightening to experience such moments. Ideational Apraxia (IA) is a condition where a person loses his ability to plan and use a tool because of the lost perception about the object. Ideational apraxia is a neurological disorder where a person or a child finds it difficult to create a concept, plan on it and execute to get the desired results or perform a task with a given tool or objects.

What Is It?
Liepmann redefined the condition as a disorder of planning and not disturbances of a persona��s perception, symbolism and language. A condition where normal, routine, everyday life activities like combing the hair, dressing, grooming, etc becomes difficult.

Causes Of This Form Of Apraxia:

  • Aphasia could be an underlying reason for the problem.
  • Alzheimera��s disease suffers are the most affected by it.
  • It could also be due to some damage to the left hemisphere of the brain, though but this cause has not been proven yet. Most of the cases have observed localized damage to the left side of the brain.
  • Sylvian fissure or damage to the lateral sulcus causes deterioration in recognizing objects. It could possibly be one of the reasons.
  • People with dementia, brain injury, illness, and stroke are most likely to develop this form of apraxia.

Symptoms Of IA:
A person experiences disturbance of idea on how to use an object through voluntary actions.

  • Inability to plan and use everyday items and tools.
  • Discontinuity of actions.
  • Patient of this condition does not fail to identify the objects.
  • The patients do not have any problem identifying items when the function of these objects is verbally described to them.
  • In some cases omission, mislocation, and discontinued sequence to perform a task is noticed.

These are a few symptoms and causes of ideational apraxia. Timely therapy can help a patient become more organized and reduces the symptoms.

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