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Preschool Speech Therapy – Activities And Other Important Tips

First day of the preschool is a moment of utter joy, anxiety, importance, and a tiny step towards a better and a shining future. Preschool Speech Therapy can help a child suffering from unclear speech, has difficulty pronouncing sounds, and when the child is frustrated to communicate orally. Timely interference can prevent the matter from getting worse, improve the child’s self esteem and self confidence, help the child to get along with other students, and reduces behavior problem.

Important Points For Preschool Speech Therapy:
Every child learns new things by exploring, playing, and talking. But, if a child has a problem speaking or if his speech is not clearly understood by others then it can be very crippling to the learning process.

1. Play Therapy:
Playing is fun, healthy, interactive, and entertaining. It is one of the quickest ways to learn things and remember them too. It involves a person completely and is a wonderful way to correct the problems. When a therapist identifies the problem areas, he or she designs programs for the child to correct the difficulty.
For example if a kid is facing hard time pronouncing the letter ‘b’, then the therapist works out a program like labeling toys, pictures etc that has the target sound. It also encourages the child to use more words starting with ‘b’ and sound it correctly.

2. Art Therapy:
Art is a medium that involves a kid completely. Drawing, pasting pictures, coloring sketches, or any other art form is used. Building units to construct a tower, or using craft art is all good. Ask the child to explain each single thing he or she is doing. This will improve their conversation and articulation problems. Therapists recommend and use objects that will help pronounce certain syllables.
For instance if a child is drawing a sketch, ask him to explain each stroke and encourage him/her to speak. The child should be able to explain “I am drawing a face.” “This is mouth”, “These are eyes” or “I am coloring the hair black” and so on.
3. Book Therapy:
Reading is a great source of knowledge and learning. Therapists recommend books are good to learn the troubling sounds accurately. Children should be able to label those items in the book which needs the difficult syllables to be pronounced. While labeling the items he or she has to pronounce it loudly.

4. Singing Therapy:
Rhymes, poems, songs are all a great means of treating the condition. Use songs that have repetitive and target words. Repeating the words again and again can get rid of the problem and the child grows in confidence to use the word.

Other Points:

  • Do not over stress the kid.
  • Do not push when he or she is not enjoying the game or activity.
  • Do not expect overnight miracles.
  • These activities need lots of patience and commitment.
  • Make these activities more fun to them and not a strenuous work.
  • The earlier you identify the problem the better.

Preschool speech therapy should start as soon as you observe that your child is not speaking clearly, so that it can be corrected.

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