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What Is Sensory Aphasia? a�� Causes And Symptoms

It is a type of aphasia where damage or an injury caused to the brain results in the inability to express oneself clearly. Sensory Aphasia is similar to wernickea��s or receptive aphasia but it differs in the ability of a person to remember, memorize, and recite things. It is an impairment of speech, and the person suffering from it faces difficulty in reading, writing, and understanding written words.

What Is Sensory Aphasia?
It is a neurological condition where damage to the left temporal lobe of the brain results in an inability to express oneself clearly. Though it is almost similar to receptive and wernickea��s aphasia, a person with this type of fluent aphasia problem is able to understand spoken word and can memorize and recite single words correctly and fluently. It is noticed that reading and understanding written word is a problem.

What Are The Causes Of It?
The temporal lobe is the sensory center of hearing and memory part in the brain, and any damage or injury to it can majorly affect in the situation. Illness, traumatic brain injury, accident, brain tumor, interrupted blood flow to brain, and stroke a�� blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain are some of the causes. Usually any injury to the left temporal lobe leads to the condition but in some people it can also cause because of some damage to the right lobe too.

What Are The Symptoms Of This Type Of Fluent Aphasia?

  • They replace one word with another and confuse the listener. For example they want to say a�?pena�� but would end up saying a�?pencila��.
  • The speech of the person with this condition is normal but is ridden with non-existing, and invented words.
  • The grammar, structure, and syntax of the spoken language are correct and precise.
  • The ability to memorize, repeat, and recite single words, two or more has been intact.
  • The rate of spoken word is fine but has a problem with expressing ideas and thoughts clearly.
  • They may skip parts of speech like pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions etc.

These are some of the causes and symptoms of sensory aphasia which can be diagnosed and treated effectively by a speech and language therapist.

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