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What Is Text Blindness – Causes, Symptoms, And Types

Aphasia is the reduction in the ability to read, write, speak, and understand language caused by damage to certain parts of the brain. This is further divided into fluent and non-fluent aphasia. The fluent aphasia also called as receptive aphasia, is again divided into three types. Text Blindness or Alexia results when the dominant left hemisphere of the brain is damaged.

What Is Text Blindness:
It is an acquired neurological condition where a person loses his or her ability to read, and/or understand the written word. It is also called as ‘word blindness’, ‘visual aphasia’, or ‘alexia’. Any lesion or damage on the left hemisphere or even on the parietal lobes of the brain can lead to this situation. Alexia is an acquired situation – the patient or the sufferer of this condition experiences no problem to comprehend what he or she read.

What Are The Causes Of Word Blindness?
Following are some of the reasons that can affect a person’s comprehending abilities adversely:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Blow on head
  • Stroke – ruptured blood vessels in the brain
  • Lack of blood supply to the brain cells
  • Lesions on parietal lobes – middle part of the cerebral hemisphere
  • Lesions on occipital lobes – the lobe behind each cerebral hemisphere. Behind the parietal and temporal lobes.
  • Damage to the inferior frontal

What Are The Symptoms?
Following are the signs of the condition:

  • It affects a person’s ability to read.
  • In instances it severely impacts the comprehension ability.
  • In some cases the patient can understand only a few basic words.
  • A person finds it difficult to write.

Types Of Alexia:
Alexia is again divided into two groups.

  • The first group is called ‘the central dyslexia’. This group includes semantic dyslexia, phonological dyslexia, deep dyslexia, and surface dyslexia.
  • The second group is called ‘the peripheral dyslexia’. This group includes pure alexia – alexia without agraphia, attentional dyslexia, and neglect dyslexia.

These are the causes, symptoms and types of text blindness which affects the reading abilities of the sufferer and severely, partially, or fully interferes with the ability to understand the written word.

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  1. i have a friend who lives abroad and so the only way we can communicate on a daily basis is by writing…unfortunately he suffers from alexia with associated agraphia…need to know how to write to him basically…i know he has full comprehension…but just wondered if there were any word groups to avoid….any information would be appreciated…thank you…sue

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