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What Is Word Blindness a�� Causes, Symptoms, And Types

It is a neurological condition that is not developmental but acquired and it affects adversely a persona��s ability to read and understand. Word Blindness can also impair the writing abilities of the sufferer. This could be acquired due to some lesions, damage, or injury to the brain. Injury or damage to the rare left part of the brain usually results in the impairment of the reading, comprehending, and writing abilities.

What Is Word Blindness?
Also called as a�?visual aphasiaa��, a�?alexiaa��, or a�?text blindnessa��, it is an inability of the person to read and understand the written word. In some cases the sufferer also finds it difficult to write. This neurological condition is resulted when the left part of the brain is injured or damaged. The rare part of this side of the brain identifies, becomes aware of the visual and physical sensations. The left hemisphere controls the writing, language, scientific, mathematical, and logical aspects.

What Are The Causes Of Visual Aphasia?
Alexia is not a developmental condition but an acquired one. It is caused by some damage to the left hemisphere and the reasons for it could be:

  • Lesions on parietal lobes are one of the main reasons. It is situated in the middle of the cerebral hemisphere
  • Lesions on occipital located behind each cerebral hemisphere. Occipital lobes are situated behind the temporal and parietal lobes
  • Brain injury
  • Blow on head
  • Stroke – condition in which the blood vessels of the brain are damaged or ruptured.
  • And, damage to the inferior frontal.

What Are The Symptoms Of Text Blindness?
The left hemisphere controls the language, writing, logical and mathematical aspects of life. Damage to this part affects these factors the most. Following are the evident symptoms of the condition:

  • It impairs a persona��s ability to read.
  • It reduces the understanding of the written word.
  • In some cases the comprehension of the written word is severely limited to only a few basic words.
  • In other extreme cases a total loss of understanding is observed.
  • The lack of understanding the written word is sometimes accompanied by the total or partial lack of the ability to write.
    This condition is called agraphia.

What Are The Different Types Of Alexia?
Alexia is the fluent, receptive aphasia sub division. This condition is further divided into two groups. They are called central and peripheral dyslexia. Dyslexia is a reading disorder.

  • 1. The Central Dyslexia: This group includes semantic, deep, phonological, and surface dyslexia.
  • 2. The Peripheral Dyslexia: This group has neglect dyslexia, attentional dyslexia, and pure alexia a�� alexia without agraphia.

In brief word blindness is the inability of a person to read, write, and understand written words due to some damage or injury to the left side of the brain.

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