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What Are The Dyslexia Symptoms?

Developmental reading disorder is the disability to read, recognize, process, and interpret language. And Dyslexia Symptoms can vary from person to person and can be from mild to severe in nature. Difficulty in reading, writing, spelling, and learning are only a few of the many signs of the condition. Before knowing the causes and signs of it, let us first know what this disorder is.

What Is Developmental Reading Disorder?
Dyslexia or developmental reading disorder is not an acquired condition but the sufferers are born with it. This disorder runs in the family, and is hereditary. It affects a persona��s ability to read, write, spell and recognize words. Usually a dyslexic person has trouble separating the sounds and rhymes of spoken words, and has difficulty understanding them.

Dyslexia Symptoms:
Following are the signs of this disorder which can make it difficult for the sufferer to lead a smooth and hassle free life.

  1. It affects a persona��s ability to learn things.
  2. The patient has difficulty reading.
  3. Has problem with recognizing written words.
  4. Has trouble with rhyming.
  5. The patient has difficulty in understanding the words.
  6. The sufferer has problem comprehending the meaning of daily life simple sentences.
  7. They can mistake letters like a�?ba�� for a�?da�� etc.
  8. They have confusion between left and right side. For example: a dyslexic patient will be confused if you ask him or her to a�?go to the left and turn righta��.
  9. They cannot spell words correctly. Even simple words like a�?reda�� or a�?sita�� is spelled as a�?rdea��, or a�?stia�� etc.
  10. They have a big problem organizing things.
  11. They have a hard time planning ideas, things, and activities.
  12. Their mathematics ability is not good.
  13. The sequence of numbers is not in the right order. For example: they write 2, 4, 6 instead of 1, 2, 3..
  14. They are not good with instructions that involve 2 or 3 or more steps.
  15. They have low confidence.
  16. They have issues with telling time.
  17. They find it hard to write.
  18. Though they have problem with writing, reading, and spelling words, they are good with artistic skills, creativity, musical ability, etc.

These are a few dyslexia symptoms that can help any one understand the problem. To understand more about it and for treatment it is better to consult a speech and language therapist.

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