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Dyslexia Assessment – How To Evaluate?

It is a hereditary disorder which negatively affects a persona��s ability to read, write, speak, spell, process, or interpret a language properly. Dyslexia Assessment helps a person know if he or she is suffering from the condition or not. This is not an acquired disorder due to some accident, stroke or injury, but a person is born with it.

Many tests, activities, and even computer games have been designed to look for the symptoms and for dyslexia assessment.

These games, activities, and tests aim at identifying if a person is suffering from the disorder or not and to look for prominent symptoms.

Smart card and Lucid are the short computer games that are very interesting for the kids and do not require help from others. They can play these games on their own. These games are used to measure the abilities of the children. The abilities include spelling, memory retaining, organizing, sequencing, and reading. If the kids find it difficult to read, spell, organize, or retain their short-term memory, then they are a strong case of being dyslexic. The results of these games indicate if a child is in need of further analysis by a psychologist, who would help the child by assessing it correctly.

Psychologists at school or psychologists practicing privately are best equipped with the abilities to assess children and people suffering from this disorder.

Also, there are many online tests available on internet for free and paid services that can help a person understand if he is dyslexic or not. These tests are mainly aimed at determining a persona��s language skills. The results are detailed, safe, secure, and confidential.
Once it is established that an adult or a child is dyslexic, the psychologist suggests detailed recommendations that can help the patient correct his or her language skills.

Dyslexia assessment is aimed at identifying if a person is suffering from the language disability or not. And, in case a person is affected then how can he or she be helped. It is always better to seek a psychologist for this assessment, or the available online tests.

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