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What Are The Signs Of Dyslexia In Children?

When a child finds it difficult to remember the correct sequence of things, numbers, letters, symbols, or words then he or she could be dyslexic. Signs Of Dyslexia In Children could range from facing problem with reading and writing abilities, or confusing one word with another. Facing a hard time to organize things or play toys is also one of the many signs of dyslexia in children.

Let us understand in brief what the different symptoms of it are:
Observe if the family has a dyslexic patient, or if anyone in the family has hard time reading. If so, then the chances of the child getting it are more. The following signs can give a strong indication if the child should be taken to a counselor for further examination.

Early Age:

  1. From an early age the child will have a�?gooda�� and a�?bada�� days without any trigger or any apparent reason.
  2. The sense of direction in the kid is poor and he or she cannot say from a�?lefta�� to a�?righta�� a�?ina�� and a�?outa��, and a�?upa�� from a�?downa��.
  3. The child has problem with organizing and sequencing things. Like organizing different colored beads/balls in a row etc.

Pre-School Signs:

  • These kids also find it difficult to remember the correct sequence of numbers, symbols, letters, days, weeks etc.
  • They replace one word with another that is similarly sounding or is an antonym of that word. They also use substitute letters or words like a�?ba�� for a�?da�� and a�?lampshadea�� for a�?lampposta��.
  • They find it hard to remember the right labels of everyday things. a�?pencila�� a�?booka�� a�? pena�� etc.
  • Their speech is delayed than normal.
  • They find it troublesome to learn nursery rhymes.

Other Indicators As A Pre-school Goer:

  1. Problems with dressing and wearing shoes.
  2. Skipped crawling as a toddler but walked early.
  3. Does not pay much attention to what others are saying.
  4. Difficulty in dancing or tapping feet or clapping to music and rhythm.
  5. Frequently bump into things and fall.
  6. Has an interest in reading but has no interest in words.
  7. Finds it difficult to catch, throw, kick, or hop and skip.

Primary School:

  • The kid finds it particularly difficult to spell and read words or group of words.
  • Reversal of letters is a prime error.
  • Writing is a big task for them. They take longer than normal to finish a writing task.
  • They find it hard to understand the meaning of what they read.
  • They continue to confuse between letters like a�?ba�� for a�?da��.
  • For simple arithmetic calculations they take the help of paper and pen or fingers.
  • Their concentration levels are bad.
  • They have trouble remembering numbers, formulas, tables etc.

    Other Indicators At School Level:

    • Has poor confidence and self esteem.
    • Does not have a good self image.
    • Still has hardship with directions.
    • Has problem dressing like tying tie, shoe lace, etc.

    At The Age Of 12/Secondary School Or More:

    • Has trouble understanding multiple instructions at speed.
    • It is hard for them to process and understand complex language.
    • Complex, long, compound words are difficult to pronounce.
    • They confuse between the times, dates, and the places.
    • They find it hard to plan and write essays and write ups.
    • Spelling still does not come easily for them.
    • They have trouble remembering telephone numbers.

    Other Indicators:

    • They still have poor self confidence and self esteem.
    • But they surprise with other talents.

    These are only a few of the signs of dyslexia in children which help a parent understand if he or she needs to take his or her child for further assessment.

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