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Tips On Teaching Dyslexic Children

Writing numbers and letters in reverse order is one of the main indicators of the dyslexia and teaching dyslexic children needs a lot of patience, understanding and a few changes in the traditional approach of teaching. Creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere in the class, engaging him or her in new and easily manageable tasks, and making reading, writing, and learning a fun exercise are some of the pre-requisites of teaching dyslexic children.

Here Are Some Of The Tips Which Can Be Helpful In The Condition:

  • Good and proper learning techniques can make or mar a childa��s confidence and his self-value. A kid with difficulties should not be ridiculed either by the teacher or peers. This would give the kid a boost to learn more and better.
  • These kids find it hard to retain the lessons learnt in the class because of the poor short term memory. This can be helped if the teacher outlines what all is going to be taught in the class and by revising it again before the end of the class. This technique helps in storing the lessons in the long term memory.
  • While giving homework, it is always better to hand out worksheets and notes to these children. This practice will help the kid do the correct homework instead of wasting his time doing the wrong work.
  • Help the child practice making and checking a list of things to do after the school. This will increase the confidence, organizing abilities and self-dependency in the child.
  • In case the child has a problem with visual memory then it is always better to give him or her prints, handouts, or notes directly. Copying from blackboard is difficult for them.
  • Using different colored chalks to write on the board will help the child distinguish easily. Write neatly with enough space to make the child understand one word from another, and do not be hasty in erasing the board.
  • Introduce every new word slowly and repeat it often to help the kid understand the word, its sound, and meaning clearly.
  • Do not stress the child by asking him to read aloud in front of the class. Ask the child to read aloud during the one-on-one session. That would help him/her more without affecting the confidence.
  • Ask the child to rehearse the pre-selected portion and read it in the class the next day. This increases the confidence in the child.
  • For spelling tests; give out a list of words to learn, and conduct a test only on those words. Add two or three new words each week.
  • Ask them to proofread their own word and find mistakes with it. This will encourage them to correct the mistakes and avoid them in future.
  • Mathematics is one area that troubles almost 90% of the dyslexics. And to overcome that problem encourage the kids to use calculator, to cross check the answers, and make the learning more interesting by introducing different colors for decimals, and other mathematical symbols etc.

Other than these tips on teaching dyslexic children; a teacher should also motivate these kids to write neatly, because good handwriting increases the self-confidence in them.

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