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What Is Semantic Pragmatic Disorder?

It is such a pleasant and heart warming experience to see toddlers trying to speak and babble, but, it would be worrisome when the same kid continues to do so when others of the same age are talking! Semantic Pragmatic disorder is a language and communication disorder where a child finds it hard to understand the meaning of words and the proper use of it in social interactions. Let us learn more about semantic pragmatic disorder.

What Is It?
Semantics is the meaning, the definition, or the interpretation of a word, phrase, or a sentence, where as pragmatics is the knowledge, the understanding of how to use a word, phrase, or a sentence when interacting with others. Any difficulty, trouble, or problem in understanding and using language to communicate could lead to this disorder.

It is a language and communication disorder that troubles the child with many difficulties in communicating his ideas, thoughts, plans, and emotions correctly across. Also, it affects the childa��s social life and can mar his confidence immensely.

Symptoms Of The Disorder:

  • Kids have problem in understanding a conversation completely.
  • Their language is developed late.
  • They rely more on their memory while using phrases and when conversing with others.
  • They face a problem when questions are asked to them. Especially questions that involve a�?whya�� and a�?whena�� because it requires detailing and organizing data and then telling.
  • They find it troublesome to speak freely and join words to make a sensible sentence.
  • They usually like to remember and repeat a few sentences or phrases picked up from movies, television, etc.
  • They confuse between a�?youa�� and a�?Ia��.
  • They find it hard to understand the core or the important points of a conversation.
  • They have speech difficulty and cannot use it appropriately.
  • Their body language is very poor.
  • They prefer daily routines than going out and playing because of this disorder.
  • Their imagination is weak and do not fare well in games where imagination is used.

These are some of the semantic pragmatic symptoms; and if you see any child with most of these signs then it is better to take him or her to a speech and language therapist at the earliest.

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