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Expressive Language Disorders a�� Overview

It was very frustrating to see this little kid in my class making the same mistakes over and over again while writing, or failing in his spelling tests. I decided to ask the school counselor if there is any other way that I can teach him better. To everyonea��s surprise he was diagnosed with aphasia, one of the Expressive Language Disorders. A problem with verbal and written expression either caused by some injury to the brain or it could be due to developmental difficulties like autism, or hearing loss etc.

Expressive Language Disorders:
It is a learning disorder that affects an individuala��s ability to express his or her ideas, emotions, feelings, or share information clearly. This condition interferes with the process of communication, both verbally and in writing.

Unlike in late talking where a child starts slow but after 3 years of age picks up the language and matches up to his peers. Expressive disorder continues until mediated by a speech and language therapist.


  • Children and adults with this disorder have trouble expressing themselves clearly.
  • They understand written and spoken words clearly, but when it comes to summarizing or repeating it, they are troubled.
  • It is problematic for them to remember, recollect, and reproduce words in a sensible sequence and speak.
  • Their language is broken and is full of grammatical errors.
  • The syntax of their language is faulty.
  • They tend to leave out words and make the sentences difficult to understand.
  • Their sentences are short and their vocabulary limited.
  • It is a big problem for them to start, continue, and carry out a decent conversation.
  • They also face a hard time pronouncing words correctly.

The actual cause of the condition is still not clear but it is believed that the following reasons are potential causes for it.

  • Developmental conditions like autism, down syndrome, and other medical conditions.
  • Hearing loss or impairment is also one of the reasons for the disorder
  • It could be acquired due to some injury, illness, tumor, or lesions on brain, or due to some damage to the part of the brain that is involved in maintaining the expressive language.

With the help of a speech and language pathologist, this condition can be diagnosed and can be effectively treated. Communication skills are the basic requirement for any person to express and share ideas, interests, emotions, and feelings with others. Any difficulty in communicate can frustrate and depress a person to great lengths. For any expressive language disorders therapists are the best people to get help from.

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