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Autism Help For Children At Home

I was surprised to know 1 in 150 children suffer from autism and the signs can be identified from the early age itself. It was also recommended that the earlier the symptoms are identified and the earlier the treatment and autism help is provided the better it is for them. Though this disorder cannot be fully grown out of, but it can still be helped in a number of ways. Unconditional love, acceptance, providing safe environment, encouragement, and knowing your child thoroughly can be very helpful.

Autism Help Tips For Parents:

  1. It is recommended that parents of autistic children should learn as much as possible about the autism spectrum disorders. This would prepare them to deal with the condition better.
  2. Start knowing your kid better. Learn what makes him or her happy, what triggers the tantrums, etc. This will prepare you better for the unseen situations and equip you with solutions to troubleshoot the problem.
  3. Try and avoid comparing your child with other children. No two kids can be compared whether they are autistic or not. Also, this unhealthy practice will only mar the childa��s psychology and will also unduly pressurize you.
  4. There will be times when your efforts may not show desirable results but parents should never draw negative conclusions. We all keep learning and growing all through our lives and autistic children are no different. In some cases the progress could be slow but it will not be
    a wasted effort.
  5. Discuss the plan of action with the therapist and follow all the instructions with consistency. Do not try new things all the time. This will confuse the child and it will be difficult for him or her to adapt to the new lessons all at a time.
  6. Children with this disorder are good with daily routines and do not like any changes introduced in their schedule. Plan accordingly, and slowly introduce one thing at a time in their routine. Make them accustomed to it and then only introduce a new thing. Any unplanned
    change in the schedule should be calmly explained to the kid.
  7. It is very encouraging and motivating when some one praises our work. Do so with the autistic children too. Praise and reward their good behavior, or on learning a new skill, or for anything that is worth appreciating.
  8. Create a safe environment at home. Keep all the possibly injurious items out of the childa��s reach, especially if he or she is prone to self-injury or can harm others.
  9. Learn more about their sensitivities. Many are sensitive to touch, smell, light, sound, etc. These sensitivities can trigger certain behavior in them and as a parent you should be aware of these triggers.
  10. Learn the non-verbal cues of these children. They usually communicate their frustration, need, anger, or seek attention through facial or body expressions, and gestures.
  11. It is not always therapy or other designed programs that a child needs, but enjoyment too. They should be encouraged to play, laugh, smile, share, and enjoy their time with others.
  12. If you are finding it difficult to clearly identify the weaknesses, the strengths, and the problems with your child, then you can take professional help.
  13. There are many ways a child can learn. Do not just focus on only one thing. Verbal, non-verbal, finger pointing, gestures, drawing etc are the other ways that can help a child learn and communicate better.
  14. Join a support group. It will not only help the child, but also the parents. You will learn more about the different treatments that are available and how other parents are approaching the disorder.
  15. Care givers and respite homes are also available in case the parents are finding it difficult to cope with an autistic child. It is a temporary arrangement that can do wonders and help the child learn basic self care activities.

These are some of the tips on autism help and can be very beneficial for the well being of the child. These tips will also decide how independently a child can be as an adult.

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