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What Are The Symptoms Of Aspergers Syndrome In Children? a�� Overview

I am a reserved person and do not go out of my way to make friends or initiate a talk, and I am very satisfied with a small but a very good set of close friends. Aspergers Syndrome In Children are also socially withdrawn and do not come across as warm and friendly individuals. Arrogant, brash, proud, and apathy are some of the other impressions created because of aspergers syndrome in children.


  • Poor interaction with people.
  • Avoid social gatherings.
  • Obsessed with only one or two interests.
  • They are not good with non-verbal communication, body language, and have a very few and restricted facial expressions.
  • They prefer to stick to their daily routine. They do not like any new changes and variations introduced in their repetitive schedule.
  • They are hyper-sensitive to some or the other sensory stimuli. For instance, they cannot bear a particular sound, or light, etc. They get easily disturbed by it.
  • They are obsessive about certain clothes, material, or things in their life and do not like to change them. For example they may be obsessed with wearing only cotton clothes and may not like wool, or silk etc.
  • They do not like to interact with others much and can be wrongly interpreted by others as arrogant.
  • Their behavior can be read as odd and their manners not as per the social norm. For example they hardly smile when someone greets them and so on.
  • They avoid eye contacts, and are socially withdrawn.
  • They do not read and pick up body language, and non-verbal cues.
  • The basic norm of any conversation is to talk in turns, but these children have difficulty holding and managing an average interaction.
  • They have hard time initiating a talk and taking turns while involved in one.
  • They are clumsy and their motor skills are not coordinated.
  • Catching a ball, riding a cycle, tying shoe lace, or other such daily life activities can be very difficult and troublesome for them.
  • Their walk is clumsy too. Their body posture is also odd.
  • Though their non-verbal skills are bad, their intellectual and verbal skills are average or above-average.
  • When ever they talk, they prefer to talk about themselves, and usually avoid being sympathetic towards others and their feelings.

These are some of the symptoms of aspergers syndrome in children, which are evident only after the age of 3 and are very prominent between 5 years and 9. Of the five different pervasive developmental disorders, children with this syndrome are able to put more efforts in making friends and learning activities.

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