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What Is Aspergers Syndrome? a�� A Brief Introduction

Brian is a brilliant kid with an above average intelligence, but with a very reserved and unapproachable silence he keeps to himself. He hardly interacts with any of his fellow class mates and is not at all good with any of the sports and games. On suspicion I looked for What Is Aspergers Syndrome and talked to his parents. They were equally worried and decided to consult a behavioral therapist or a pediatrician or a psychologist. One of the five pervasive developmental disorders, this syndrome slightly varies from the other disorders in the sense of preserved cognitive and language abilities.

What Is Aspergers Syndrome?
It is a syndrome or a disorder that involves delayed development of the most basic skills like communication, interaction, playing, using imagination, etc. essential for daily and healthy social life. The children and individuals who suffer from this disorder are usually better than an autistic person and can function fairly well. Their communication and intelligence is also better than people suffering from autism spectrum disorder.

Causes Of The Disorder:
Though no one exact cause has been identified for this syndrome, scientists believe that it is fairly genetical and similar symptoms have been witnessed by one of the family members of the patient.


  • Individuals with this disorder find it very difficult to initiate an interaction with others and enjoy an average conversation.
  • They have trouble making friends and find it hard to communicate their feelings, ideas, thoughts, and emotions easily.
  • They are mostly found behaving in a set manner and are very repetitive in their behavior.
  • They are very particular about their own routine and arrangements. They do not like alterations and changes being made to their schedule.
  • They are obsessive about the way things are arranged. They do not like to alter it. For instance, they may not like to play with any other toy other than the one they like, or to be dressed in a particular manner, etc.
  • They face trouble when interacting with others. They avoid making eye contacts, taking turns while talking, staying on the topic, reading body language, and picking up non-verbal clues of communication.
  • Their body language is odd, and they do not understand other peoplea��s body language clues.
  • They are very clumsy. Their walk is clumsy, their motor skills are bad, they face difficulty coordinating an action etc.
  • They are very talented and intelligent in certain areas of interest like music, mathematics and so on.
  • They come across as arrogant, apathetic, and self-indulging individuals.

With the help of a psychologist, or a therapist certain behavioral changes, speech problems, and other related issues can be addressed sufficiently. With the help of these symptoms one can easily identify what is aspergers syndrome in a person.

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