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Aspergers Syndrome In Women – What Are The Symptoms?

For many years the focus was more on boys regarding the developmental disorders and the common assumption was that girls hardly get affected by it. Some recent studies have shown that Aspergers Syndrome In Women is not as rare as it was earlier thought to be. The subtle nature, shyness, suffering in silence and internalizing of the feelings are most often misdiagnosed as the virtues of a good lady. Let us look at some of the symptoms of this disorder in brief.
Aspergers Syndrome In Women
Aspergers Syndrome In Women:
Girls all over the world are expected to behave in a certain fashion, any deviation from that would only attract the attention to them.

  • Girls and women dress up normally and practically when compared to boys and are less fussy about it. They do not wear dresses that stimulate sensory reactions.
  • Unlike other girls, they do not spend lots of time grooming themselves. They do not have any fancy hairstyles and usually sport a simple one that does not require much time grooming.
  • They do not have a strong self identity and find it difficult to establish one.
  • They are more expressive when compared to the opposite gender with this syndrome.
  • They can be very changeable in their behavior and personality. Some might label them immature and selfish.
  • They have a very strong and rigid set of traits, likes, dislikes, ethics, and morals. They have a strong sense of justice.
  • Family support

  • These women enjoy being at home with her family, or in places where they can control the ambience. They feel comfortable controlling things and environment to feel safe and secure.
  • They are not very good with verbal expression and at times need to write down their thoughts, opinions, and ideas on paper.
  • They develop an obsession towards a hobby, interest, subject, or any thing that catches their attention and then they leave it completely in the pursuit of something else.
  • They have problem retaining their job for longer periods of time. They might suddenly change their work line and choose a completely different field.
  • Some of them can also find it difficult to finish their studies while others may be excellent. They may have degrees in various subjects.
  • Their IQ levels are average or above average and are usually good with words for their age.
  • They are emotionally sensitive and may not be fully grown emotionally according to the age.
  • They are sensitive to sensory stimuli and may react strongly to certain sounds, taste, smell, touch etc. The reaction is not as strong as it is observed in males.
  • Women are prone to bouts of depression, crying, or being upset, even in public. Aspergers Syndrome In Women
  • Girls and women get easily angry when they are misunderstood.
  • When she likes somebody, she would go to any lengths to express her feelings without worrying about societal norms, or without caring about the other person’s reaction. This certainly changes as she ages.
  • May react extremely to sex. Either she will like it or dislike it very strongly.
  • She may have only a few friends as a child, but would find it hard to have any as she grows up.
  • They appear shy, reserved, self-centered, cold, mute, and prefers to stay with family or friends.
  • She does not enjoy much going out for fun with friends, partying, outing etc. She prefers to do so with her family only.

These are some of the symptoms of aspergers syndrome in women, which can be addressed correctly by a psychotherapist. It is never too late to identify, accept, and try to fix any of the problems in one’s life, and live freely and happily instead of feeling self pity and suffering in silence.

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