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What Is Aspergers In Females? a�� Overview

My best friend Annie, was going through a very bad period in her life. She was suffering from severe depression following her divorce, loss of job, loss of custody of her beautiful daughter, and her deteriorating financial condition. She was provided psychiatric help and only then we all came to know about Aspergers In Females, a condition that we thought only affected some young boys! All these years none of us, her family, friends, or colleagues could identify any of the symptoms. We failed to see and eventually we failed her. If only her bouts of depression, and shy nature was read properly, instead of taking it as her second nature!

Aspergers In Females:
Let us understand the symptoms of this Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and try to understand why this disorder usually goes unnoticed in women.

  • Girls are always more expressive when compared to boys and more nurturing.
  • They do not exhibit their anger, depression, hurt, and other negative feelings as openly and as aggressively as boys do. They withdraw from the world when upset and prefer to suffer in silence and bottle up their emotions. These bottled up emotions can play havoc if not properly channelized out.
  • Because of the help and support from her other gal friends, a woman is able to cope better with the condition and hence the symptoms are not that severe.
  • Girls are expected to be more patient, more subtle, more nurturing, and follow the rules of the society more than their male counterparts. So, they are trained from the childhood to be more tolerating and less expressive outwardly.
  • Females are better at pretending to live a happy life, and are often very convincing. This hides their unhappiness and usually does not attract the focus of others.
  • Women tend to imitate other strong personalities and pick up their mannerisms and this leads to a very weak self identity in them.
  • She has strong moral values, ethics, and likeness for justice.
  • She is not comfortable being misunderstood and questioned. This might anger her furiously.
  • They do not stutter as much as males when angry and their voice do not become raspy and hoarse.
  • She is emotionally sensitive and can become prone to crying and emotional bouts even in public.
  • They have issues with their self image and esteem.
  • They have hard time keeping friendships for long and prefer to stay with family.
  • She is intelligent, an average or above average learner, skilled, good at many things. But, she finds it hard to retain her interest in one thing for long and keeps jumping from one interest to another.
  • Has difficulties in retaining job and changes the line of work from time to time.
  • She is happy to control things and people and finds it hard to feel comfortable with strangers and new friends.
  • She can be very obsessive about a thing or a person and can exhibit her likeness overtly and in public, without considering how acceptable it is.
  • Fear, anxiety, and such feelings are very common to her.
  • She has many interests, is skilled, self-taught, and artistic.
  • Though she is sensitive to sensory stimuli, like touch, smell, sound, taste, vision, she is not as reactive as boys are.
  • She has a strong inclination towards psychology, cultural activities, language, writing, and reading.
  • When happy, she dances, sings, claps and expresses her happiness very well.
  • She is very animated when talking about herself, or her interests, and is very outspoken and blunt in her opinions. She is usually considered as a self-centered and cold person.
  • She prefers to socialize only with a few friends and family, and does not enjoy simply hanging-out for fun.

These symptoms of aspergers in females need to be analyzed by a therapist and only then will he or she confirm if a woman is indeed suffering from it or not. These are very common symptoms that we might find in girls with depression or autism and some other developmental disorders. It is better to consult a therapist for further examination.

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