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What Are Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms? a�� A Brief Note

We all complain against routine things, against everything that is normal, and regular. What if our body, or brain, or nature is not normal, or is marred by some dysfunction, or experiences some irregularities! Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms too are the result of some abnormal disruption of the nervous system. The symptoms of this disorder vary from child to child and the severity too differs. Of every 1000 children the chances of 2 to 6 children getting affected by this disorder has been observed. Let us learn more about the disorder and its symptoms.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms:
Autism mainly impacts 3 major and basic skills of life. Verbal and non verbal communication, socialization, and behavior pattern are the most affected skills. Hence, it is better that parents pay enough attention to even the slightest variation from the normal behavior and consult an expert at the earliest. The earlier these symptoms are diagnosed, the faster the treatment can be availed and the severity of the symptoms can be reduced drastically. Never overlook any of the signs as a temporary phase, this can prove dear.

Following symptoms can help parents pay extra attention to the childa��s normal growth, and report any alteration in the normal behavior.

  • Right from the early age, the kid is overtly shy, reserved, prefers to be alone and avoids meeting others or going out.
  • He or she avoids making any eye contacts when speaking or when spoken to.
  • They are sensitive to certain sensory stimuli like certain clothes, noise, sound, touch, light, smell, taste, etc.
  • They have very clumsy or awkward or uncoordinated body movements.
  • Their interacting skills are very poor, and they do not follow the basic rules of interaction, like taking turns while talking.
  • They do not understand very well the verbal and non-verbal instructions and gestures respectively.
  • They like to flip their hands, clap inconsistently, or do any movement or action repeatedly.
  • In some cases the communication, interaction, and social skills are highly impaired, while in other cases the children slowly lose the ability to interact.
  • When they are interested in a topic, game, toy or anything else, they get obsessed about it.
  • They are prone to mood swings and can easily become depressed, anxious, etc.
  • Kids do not pretend games with their toys. For example, imitating as mothers and feeding food to the toys etc.
  • They repeat words or phrases learnt from others.
  • Their answers are irrelevant to the question.
  • These children find it hard to understand the feelings of others.
  • They do not like any changes in their daily life routine.

These are some of the autism spectrum disorder symptoms that can prepare parents and allows them sufficient time to analyze their kida��s behavior. It is advised that parents should not consider any of the above symptoms as a part of growing phase, and should clear all the doubts by meeting an expert.

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