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What Are The Dyslexia Symptoms In Children? a�� A Brief Note

Heredity, adverse hormonal changes, traumatic brain injury, or hearing impairment are some of the reasons for Dyslexia Symptoms In Children. This is a learning disorder that negatively affects a childa��s ability to read, write, learn, speak, or pronounce words properly. This disorder happens even after the child is given proper training, enough time to learn, and has average intelligence to learn. Let us learn more about the signs of this disorder.

Dyslexia Symptoms In Children:

  • The most prominent symptom of these kids is that they write numbers and alphabets in reverse order. For example, a�?ba�� is written as a�?da��, a�?23a�� is written as a�?32a��, etc.
  • These kidsa�� writing is not ordered, and does not follow the correct sequence. For instance, a�?a, b, c, d, a��a�� is written as a�?a, d, b, ca��a�� etc.
  • They find it hard to copy notes from the board.
  • When writing they write another word that sounds similar, or replace the word with an antonym, or a word that is totally different.
  • Their recollection power is very poor. They experience hard time remembering things. They are troubled to even repeat the summary of their favorite story.
  • They face difficulty understanding directions.
  • They are confused between left and right side.
  • They have hard time understanding, and remembering more than 2 or 3 instructions at a time.
  • They are not good with organizing things.
  • They are poor at games that involve organizing, planning, and following directions.
  • They do not have a good sense of rhythm to dance.
  • They miss or forget words or parts of what they were supposed to speak.
  • Their ability to express themselves clearly and openly is poor.
  • They prefer loneliness and are usually prone to depression.
  • They have a very low self opinion and esteem.
  • Their relationship with family, friends, and others is not very cordial.

Depending upon the cause and symptoms of the condition different types of dyslexia have been identified. These common dyslexia symptoms in children should be identified and treated at the earliest. This learning disorder can be treated effectively provided the problem is identified soon.

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